West Bengal


Register for WBOA ICL at Garpanchkot, Purulia, West Bengal on 29th February 2020 at Garpanchkot Eco Tourism Resort.

For Registration Contact Dr. Nirjhar Maji: 7708636800

Registration Fee : 5000/-

Accompanying Person: 3000/-

Instruction Course Lecture

Date: 29th February 2020

Time: 04.00pm  - 07.00pm

 Introductory Lecture on Neglected Trauma with some case discussions  Dr. Nilay Kanti Das

Case Based Discussion



Neglected Paediatric Trauma - way out options

Dr. N.K. Das


Dr. Chinmay De


Dr. Akhilesh Kumar



Bail out option for neglected inter tocentric Fracture

Dr. Sanjay Kumar


Dr. Sunit Hazra



Decession making in neglected pelvic acetabular injury

Dr. Swarnendu Samanta


Dr. Sujit Nandy


Dr. Argha Saha



Delayed presenting malunited distal radius fracture

Dr. Debapi Roy


Dr. Biplab Dolui



Decision making neglected dorso lumber spinal fracture

Dr. Chinmay De


Dr. Dinesh Jaiswal



Decision making in neglected Foot & Ankle Injury

Dr. Sabyasachi Santra


Dr. Arnab Karmakar